Guest Stars

July 12: Tiffany Macisaac

Tiffany Macisaac is the former executive pastry chef for Neighborhood Restaurant Group. You may have tasted her desserts at Buzz Bakery, Birch & Barley, GBD Fried Chicken & Doughnuts, amongst others. Tiffany is appearing in the July 12th performance of The Dish. Read more about Tiffany Macisaac here.

July 20: Mykl Wu 


Mykl Wu is an American cook, photographer and writer/blogger with a specialty in food, restaurants, travel and social media. He’s known for his website, Bethesda Magazine listed him as “Five Photogs to Follow” on Instagram and he is a producer to the podcast, “Behind the Craft” and to the social media group “Digital District.” Mykl Wu will be appearing in the July 20 performance of The Dish.

July 22: David Hagedorn

David Hagedorn

David Hagedorn is a food and travel writer, dining columnist, cookbook author, event planner and raconteur. His books include My Irish Table: Recipes from the Homeland and Restaurant Eve (together with chef Cathal Armstrong) and The New Jewish Table: Modern Seasonal Recipes for Traditional Dishes (together with Todd Gray and Ellen Gray). He is also a former chef and restaurateur who has worked every job in a restaurant.  David Hagedorn will be appearing in the July 22 performance of The Dish.

July 25: Bonnie Benwick


½ cup walnuts, chopped? Or ½ cup chopped walnuts? *

That is a mere hint of what Bonnie S. Benwick spends her days concerned with, as Deputy Editor/Recipe Editor for The Washington Post Food section, where she’s worked since 2004. Before that, she was a general-interest journalist, having begun her career as a copy desk editor at the Air Force Times in 1979.

(The “S” doesn’t stand for savings. She inserted it into her byline after learning in the mid-1990s that there is another woman in this world with the same name, almost the same age, who’s an assistant film director: Bonnie R. Benwick. You can look it up.)

When the Washington Star folded, the Times’ publishing company bought the local Journal newspapers and turned them into 5-day-a-week wonders. Bonnie made the jump, landing in the features section. She covered fashion shows in New York, learned how to edit recipes under the great food editor Jane Mengenhauser, and then ran the news desk until 1988. Bonnie joined The Post as a part-time desk editor in The Washington Post’s Style section a year later.

Do the easy math and you’ll figure out just how long she’s been at The Post. It was more desk work (main news, Sports, Outlook) until the Food section opportunity came up, and she’s never looked back. It’s a job she appreciates every day – cooking with Washingtonians of all kinds, with chefs, with cookbook authors she’s admired for years. It’s also a cause: People should cook more! She reviews books, writes and edits for the section and runs all the recipe testing. Spends LOTS of time shopping for food and utensils.

In 2012, she edited “The Washington Post Cookbook: Readers’ Favorite Recipes” (Time Capsule Press). A lucky audience member will receive a copy tonight!

Lately she’s been food styling, too, for Food each week and for Plate Lab in The Post Magazine.

And now, a guest spot on The Dish! The food gig is a gift that keeps on giving.

*Yes, there is a difference. See her after the show.

July 27: Teddy Folkman


Chef Teddy Folkman has spent the past decade pursuing his passion for the culinary arts, and climbing the ranks in some of DC’s most well-known restaurants, constantly expanding and improving his craft. In the summer of 2007, Teddy solidified his place in the DC restaurant scene as Executive Chef of Dr. Granville Moore’s on H Street, NE. Teddy is the co-founder and Chairman of the annual DC Beer Week, serves on the Board of Directors at Brainfood (, and is active in the development of other dining and entertainment opportunities. Teddy Folkman will be appearing in the July 27 performance of The Dish.