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Jenny Splitter (Playwright, Producer) has never eaten at Le Diplomate. She is excited to bring The Dish to Capital Fringe with this incredible group of actors, crew, chefs and food writers! Seeing this show come together has been incredibly rewarding on an artistic level (if not an artisanal one).

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Strother Gaines (Director) Strother is thrilled to share his first Fringe experience with such a wonderful and talented cast! Special thanks to our talented playwright Jenny Splitter for entrusting me with her food baby. Strother’s favorite Thai place is Thai X-ing, his favorite coffee shop is Cafe Bohem and his favorite splurge spot is Little Serrow. Also if anyone “knows a guy” he’d really like to go to Komi sometime so ya know…hook a brother up.


TJ Dorch (Dramaturg & Stage Manager) If you believe men can’t multi-task, then you’ve never met TJ Dorch. TJ is the dramaturg & stage manager, plus he’s brought in his foodie & photographer skills to help tweak recipes for the stage and market the play on Instagram. Good thing his whole life up until now has been preparing him for this moment: building up his super efficiency, crazy precision, and mad skills, so that he could go from dramaturg virgin to master in 0 to 60 seconds flat. You are witnessing evolutionary history here, folks.